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The primary goal of the Mochlos excavation is not only to excavate archaeological material. Its focus is to study and publish the material that we have excavated, allowing both the archaeological community to engage with it as well as the general public. Since 2003, when the first volume from the project, Mochlos IA, appeared in print, the Project has diligently pursued this objective. The current publication project focuses on the excavated extent of the Neopalatial town (1700-1430 BCE). Mochlos IV detailed the eastern half of the town, including the house of a metal merchant and a ritual space in which sacred olive trees were grown, and appeared in print in 2022. Mochlos V, which focuses on the western half, is currently underway with the assistance of many student volunteers, senior staff members, and specialists. This volume focuses on the Ceremonial Building at the center of the settlement in addition to the house of an important priestess in which was found one of the most complete depictions of Minoan religion ever found in Crete. 

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