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The primary focus of the Mochlos excavation is not only the excavation of archaeological material, but its study and publication allowing the archaeological community and the general public to engage with it The Project has produced numerous preliminary reports and began publishing its final excavation volumes in 2003 when the first volume in the Mochlos. Publication Series appeared. The volumes are organized by period and within different periods by areas uncovered in the excavation. The first three volumes reported on the Late Minoan IB remains in the Artisans’ Quarter and the nearby farmhouse at Chalinomouri (Mochlos IA, IB, IC). The next three published the remains of the Mycenaean occupation in the LM III period (Mochlos IIA, IIB, IIC). The next discussed the Hellenistic period (Mochlos III). The next two volumes have gone to press and publish 15 houses in the LM IB settlement including the House of the Metal Merchant, the House of the Theran Refugees and the sacred Temenos of Olive Trees (Mochlos IVA, IVB). The current publication project focuses on the LM IB ceremonial complex, including the great ashlar Building B.2 and the House of the Lady with the Ivory Pyxis (Mochlos VA, VB). Final publications are also underway on other periods of the site, including the remains of the Protopalatial and Prepalatial Periods (Mochlos VI, VII). For more information on Mochlos publications, please navigate to the part of the website for academics.


Though the primary focus of the project is publication, it is the responsibility of all archaeologists to conserve the material that they excavate. The Mochlos Project is no exception, and employs skilled workers from the surrounding Cretan community, under the leadership of Costis Frangiadakis, every summer. A team of conservators from Athens, and student volunteers also join us to consolidate extant walls and backfill areas too unstable to protect with conservation materials. The site conservation project is directed by Dr. Stephania Chlouverakis and, unlike excavation, is an annual activity, requiring innovative cooperation between the Director and the conservators who strive to apply the latest conservation techniques in the short time we have each summer in order to protect the site for years to come.


With our current focus on publication and conservation, there is no time for excavation! However, that does not mean that Mochlos will never be excavated again, so read up on us in our publications, and keep an eye on our website for any developments!