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During the LM I period, Minoan burial practices remain poorly understood. However, during the following Mycenaean period, cemeteries again gain prominence in Crete. One of the most popular burial styles is the chamber tomb in which the dead are buried in these burial containers, known as larnakes. The Mycenaean cemetery at Mochlos is full of chamber tombs and larnakes of this same type.  The form of these ceramic containers is based on the Egyptian wooden linen chests. They were both undecorated and richly decorated with abstract patterns, octopuses and scenes of hunting and cult rituals.

Boat Model

The boat was an essential element of Minoan culture, depicted in everything medium from clay to semiprecious stone sealstones to gold signet rings. This example is from the Prepalatial period when the Minoans were just beginning to establish themselves as a significant influence in the Aegean trade network. It symbolizes their ability to acquire both quotidian raw materials such as obsidian as well as prestige materials like gold, silver, copper, tin, ivory, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and amethyst.