Mochlos the Site

Mochlos the SiteMochlos the Town

The ancient settlement of Mochlos is located on an island 250 meters from the town of Mochlos. Strong swimmers can reach the island in five or ten minutes. Beware of the current, however, which is deceptive as it will pull you out into the waves. Ask for advice on swimming across and do not try to swim around the island without a partner. If a small motorboat is attached to the dock, marked “Mochlos Boat Tours”, you may ask the owner to take you over and back for a fee. If you do not see the owner, go to the Kochilia tavern and ask them to call Tzanetos.

The island is uninhabited and there is no fee to walk around, but be careful not to walk on the ancient walls since they may collapse easily. It is also against the law to pick up ancient pottery sherds and other antiquities. Once there, visitors will see a very small church dedicated to Saint Nicholas and plenty of ruins to enjoy. There are a few signs around the island to indicate the function of various areas. Visitors can acquaint themselves with various elements of the Mochlos settlement by visiting other pages of this website.

Aside from the most prominent and visible parts of the island ruins, one can scamper to the top and find the remains of a Hellenistic fortress. Also one can climb to the west and up to see an impressive number of Prepalatial tombs. Do not jump off the top of the island; there are some very sharp rock below. You can also reach the site of Chalinomouri at the eastern edge of the Mochlos Bay by boat.

The Mochlos island used to be connected to the mainland by a land bridge which has since washed away. It is still visible from aerial photographs. Part of the ancient settlement lies under the modern town and is not excavated. The Minoan Artisans’ Quarter is located just behind the western side of the modern town and a Mycenaean cemetery is exposed on the western side of the hill above.