Every summer, the Mochlos Archaeological team hires about ten students to help excavate and analyze objects found on the site, with the publication of these materials as the ultimate goal. The cost of transportation for each student is about $1000 and local summer expenses run about $2000 for room and board. Since we cannot offer scholarships, students have to procure their own funding, either from their own pockets or from their universities. In some cases, very qualified students cannot secure sufficient finances and cannot join us for the season.

As a donor, you can help to sponsor a student for a rewarding summer learning the archaeological trade and helping the publication team with their research. Any amount is helpful.

One of our greatest expenses is for the purposes of conservation. When a broken vessel can be reassembled, it is given to our conservation team at INSTAP. The team uses the most recent technology to conserve objects in the safest way. The restored pieces are very often sent to museums for the viewing public.

Lastly, we are trying to move from traditional paper-based recording of data to more digital platforms. We hope for donations that allow us to purchase tablets for our student teams.

All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent provided under US law.

Donations to the Mochlos Archaeological Project may be made by personal check in dollars, written to “University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Mochlos Project,” or in any currency to the PayPal account of