Mochlos Publications


Mochlos Volumes

All Mochlos final publication volumes (nos. 2-13 below) are edited by J.S. Soles and C. Davaras

1. The Prepalatial Cemeteries at Mochlos and Gournia and the House Tombs of Bronze Age Crete (Hesperia Supplement XXIV)

by J.S. Soles, Princeton 1992.  (Reviewed in Gnomon67, 1995, pp. 626-630;American Journal of Archaeology 98, 1994, pp. 167-168; Classical Review, Oxford University 43, 1993, pp. 365-366).

2. Mochlos IA.  Period III:  Neopalatial Settlement on the Coast.  The Artisans’ Quarter and Chalinomouri Farmhouse, The Sites (Prehistoric Monographs 7)

by J.S. Soles, Philadelphia 2003. (Reviewed in Antiquity 80, 2006, pp. 998-999; Aegean Archaeology, 7, 2006, pp. 82-87).

3. Mochlos 1B.  Period III:  Neopalatial Settlement on the Coast.  The Artisans’ Quarter and Chalinomouri Farmhouse, The Pottery (Prehistoric Monographs 8)

by K. Barnard and T. Brogan, Philadelphia 2003. (Reviewed in Aegean Archaeology, 7, 2006, pp. 82-87).

4. Mochlos 1C.  Period III:  Neopalatial Settlement on the Coast.  The Artisans’ Quarter and Chalinomouri Farmhouse, The Small Finds (Prehistoric Monographs 9)

by J.S. Soles, et al., Philadelphia 2004. (Reviewed in Antiquity 80, 2006, pp. 998-999).

5. Mochlos IIA.  Period IV: The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery. The Sites (Prehistoric Monographs 23)

by J.S. Soles, Philadelphia 2008. (Reviewed in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2009.11.12; Mouseion: Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, Volume 11.3, 2011).

6. Mochlos IIB.  Period IV: The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery.  The Pottery (Prehistoric Monographs 27)

by R.A.K. Smith, Philadelphia, 2010. (Reviewed in Mouseion: Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, Volume 11.3, 2011)

7. Mochlos IIC.  Period IV: The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery.  The Burial Population and Small Finds (Prehistoric Monographs 32)

by J.S. Soles et al., Philadelphia, 2011. (Reviewed in Mouseion: Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, Volume 11.3, 2011)

8. Mochlos III. Mochlos after the Bronze Age. The Hellenistic Period: The Beam Press Building (Prehistoric Monographs 48)

by N. Vogeikoff-Brogan, Philadelphia, 2015.

9. Mochlos IVA. Period III: Neopalatial Settlement on the Island. The House of the Metal Merchant and other Buildings in the Neopalatial Town (Prehistoric Monographs)

by J.S. Soles, Philadelphia, 2020.

10. Mochlos IVB, Period III: The Neopalatial Pottery from the Main Settlement, (Prehistoric Monographs)

by J. Morrison, Philadelphia, forthcoming

11. Mochlos VA. Period III: Neopalatial Settlement on the Island. The Ceremonial Center, (Prehistoric Monographs)

by J.S. Soles, Philadelphia, forthcoming.

12. Mochlos VB, Period III: Neopalatial Pottery from the Ceremonial Center (Prehistoric Monographs)

by G. Doudalis and L. Kaiser, Philadelphia, forthcoming.

13. Mochlos VI, Period II: Protopalatial Settlement 

by G. Doudalis, forthcoming.

Articles on Mochlos by Various Authors

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